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Vehicle Alignment Service
in Boerne, TX

Visit our auto shop when you need vehicle alignment service in Boerne, TX. Full Service Automotive offers a comprehensive range of services that make the most of your vehicle's performance.

When it comes to your suspension, it's important for you to stay up-to-date on routine maintenance. Generally, a vehicle alignment every 6 months or 6,000 miles will protect your fuel economy and tire life. During a standard alignment service, our technicians will check and adjust your suspension system, including shocks and struts, front and rear steering, tire pressure, and camber, caster, and toe angles. We also recommend that you rotate your tires during your alignment service.

Vehicle Alignment Service in Boerne, TX

Maintaining Proper Vehicle Alignment

Our skilled technicians are your simple solution for taking care of your vehicle by providing the necessary maintenance. If your vehicle is due for an alignment, call us to schedule an appointment. Signs that your wheels are misaligned include the vehicle pulling to one side while you drive and tires wearing prematurely and irregularly. With our help, though, you can restore your vehicle's proper alignment so that it drives its best.

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