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Brake Repair Shop
in San Antonio and Boerne, TX

Full Service Master Car Care, LLC is your source for automotive brake services. We are a brake repair shop in San Antonio and Boerne, TX, that offers quick, professional repairs and replacements at competitive prices. If you hear a grinding or squeaking sound when you hit the brakes, your car takes longer to come to a full stop than it did previously, or you see brake light on your dash, it's time to call us.

Our experienced technicians will fully inspect your brakes and recommend the most cost-effective repairs to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. Whether you need new brake pads or all-new parts, you can count on our team to do the job right the first time.

Brake Repair in San Antonio and Boerne, TX

Comprehensive Brake Services

Taking care of your vehicle's brakes is crucial to maintaining the safety and drivability of your car. At our shop, we take care of everything from your brakes' drums and rotors to its fluids and lines. Our maintenance extends your brakes' product lifespan, and when it's time to replace your aging brakes, we do it for a cost-effective price. As our customer, your complete satisfaction with our services is always our top priority.

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